Sometimes it is difficult to find the IP devices you are looking for in the OpenScape Deployment Service. In this article, you will learn how to effectively use search filters in DLS. 

Here you will first see the search filters / wildcards that can be used in DLS:

Search filter Description
* Placeholder for any character of any length
? Placeholder for any character
<> Value greater than or less than
| OR link
^ Empty data field

The search in the DLS is always to be performed via the radio button Search. As a result, you get a result list in table form Table in which you can navigate through the individual objects (Object) using arrow keys at the bottom of the page.

DLS Search

Search can be performed in all fields and on almost any page of the DLS.  

In the following you can see the search using * symbol:

Search in DLS using *

The result in the table view shows only results whose phone IP starts with 10....

Search in DLS with *

The next search uses E.164 to show how to search for phone numbers using only a wildcard, for example:

Search in DLS with ?

In this result list we can see extensions 3001 to 3009:

Search in DLS with ?

In the following search, all phone numbers greater than ...3005 should be searched: 

Search in DLS with <

And also here you can see that the search has been successful:

Search in DLS with <

Next, a search is combined. OpenStage 15 OR OpenStage 40 are to be displayed. And additionally the IP Devices should have a 3000 extension. In this case, all search filters must match in order to display a result. The different Device Type and E.164 fields are thus AND-linked.

Search in DLS with |

And in the image you can see that this search also led to the desired result:

Search in DLS with |

The last search, is to show IP Devices in which a certain field is not filled (here the E.164). 

Search DLS with ^

Use this search to find out which IP Devices are not configured:

Search in DLS using ^

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